Voice for leadership

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Voice Coaching for the Legal Profession

Is your voice communicating your gravitas and authority? Are you using an appropriate voice for varying circumstances?

Many leaders in today’s business world rely on old habits to pass on verbal information. Perhaps you have delivered presentations or spoken to your staff or team or customers in the same way for years. But have you considered the latent power of your voice? Are you making the most of your voice and the influence it can expedite?

The type of voices you hear around you reflect in some degree, the way your staff or stakeholders are feeling, the type of person they may be or the value they have for themselves or the organisation.

Speaking in a tone or manner that is situation-appropriate is important to get the best from your staff, colleagues, stakeholders and suppliers. Understanding how the voice is used can be useful to Human Resources for training and recruitment.

You may be familiar with Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs, Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicators (MBTI) Goleman’s Leadership Styles and Emotional Intelligence, which are all useful tools for understanding personality styles and leadership in the workplace. However, at Voice Synergy, we help you to examine what the voices of different personality types sound like, listen to tones of voice, how you can relate to them and most importantly, how best to engage and inspire those people.

At Voice Synergy, we provide bespoke voice training so you can apply your voice powerfully and appropriately both in listening as well as speaking, to engage, unite and lead staff and stakeholders.

We provide you with a range of vocal tools and techniques to help you understand how personality types manifest through the voice, and how you can use your own pitch, tone and volume in different ways to produce effective results in people management.

At Voice Synergy, we provide bespoke voice training to senior personnel and team leaders in Bristol, London and the South West of England, to facilitate better communication and create better working outcomes. You can use your voice appropriately to engage, unite and lead.

Voice for Leadership is suitable for:

  • Senior decision makers
  • Business leaders
  • Barristers
  • Professors
  • Health professionals

If you’d like to find out how to use your voice more effectively and how we can help you or your team, please get in touch for a free consultation.