Voice Synergy

Voice for leadership, presentation skills training, professional and executive voice coaching, accent reduction, voice coaching by Skype, voice leadership training for senior executives and business leaders in Bath and Bristol.

The way you speak creates an immediate impact. Your voice is vitally important and can play a huge part in your professional success. Voice coaching will help you find the power of your voice to speak with confidence, to lead teams of people, to command respect and to influence those around you.

We specialise in providing voice training to help professionals to become better, more effective speakers and presenters – from graduate recruits through to business leaders.

Are you applying for a new job and do you need to brush up on your interview skills for your new career? If you have an interview for a job promotion or an interview panel for career progression, voice coaching can help you to speak more clearly, improve body language and develop a better voice to speak more confidently.

We provide expert voice training that people need to:

  • communicate with clarity
  • speak with confidence
  • make a positive impact.

Whether you need to impress in the courtroom or the boardroom, the lecture theatre or on centre stage, we will train you to become an influential speaker. You will gain a range of new vocal tools to use in appropriate situations and have the opportunity to rehearse and try out new techniques in a safe and supportive environment.

Working across a breadth of sectors, which include engineering, property, education and legal, we take the hesitation out of public speaking and help professionals bring their subject knowledge to life in a compelling, well-articulated manner. Voice coaching can help you talk without nerves and reduce your fear of public speaking. If you are shy, nervous or worried about speaking in public, we can help you to overcome your anxiety and speak with confidence.

With many years of experience and a brimming portfolio of inspired clients, we have the tools and techniques you will learn and use to develop your vocal skills. Our one-to-one training, classes, courses and workshops in Bath, Bristol and the South West will leave you feeling confident speaking in front of others, whoever your audience may be.

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