Accent Reduction

Are you a professional who speaks English as a second language? Do you find that your accent often gets more comments than what you are saying?

Many professionals working in the UK speak English as their second language. Some strong accents can hinder a professional’s work and be a distraction to their colleagues.

Voice Synergy can help you to reduce your accent and speak more clearly and confidently.

When it comes to how you speak, clarity is key. Clear, coherent communication is crucial to being understood and well-regarded, on a personal and professional level. Voice Synergy will help you to improve your pronunciation of words and phrases and advance your understanding of English speech and speech patterns.

We provide individual voice coaching. At each session, you will have a wide range of voice exercises and texts so you can practice challenging consonant and vowel sounds. We offer accent softening, accent reduction and articulation training in Bath and Bristol and accent reduction training by Skype, to help you to speak with a more authentic English accent.

If you speak English with a regional accent but you’re worried about your accent getting in the way – we can help with clearer speech, improved pronunciation and accent reduction.

We empower our clients with one-to-one tuition and coaching in accent reduction, vocal clarity and accent softening.  All clients, with either a strong regional or ‘English as a Second Language’ (ESL) accent, can boost their speaking skills and develop clearer, confident, more interesting and understandable voices.

Accent reduction training is perfect for:

  • Professional people speaking English as a second language (such as Chinese, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and many others)
  • Professionals with strong regional English accents, or who want to speak more clearly, looking to reduce or soften their accent, or add more impact and gravitas to their voice
  • Those who find others struggling to understand their accent or what they are saying
  • People looking to improve their English accent and pronunciation.

You can rehearse your speech during training and benefit from experienced practical feedback and support.

Contact Voice Synergy to develop a more eloquent, fluent English accent, helping to improve your communications and boost your career path. For a free consultation, get in touch.