Celebrating a year of voice coaching in Bath!

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Lawyers, medics, professors, engineers, project managers and pod-casters have all benefited from Voice Synergy providing top quality voice coaching in Bath. Wonderful people have achieved great things, thanks to expert voice tuition giving them extra confidence and a better set of speaking skills.

In the ‘old days’ we offered a face-to-face voice coaching service, but this was replaced months ago by Skype or Zoom-enabled online coaching. And voice and accent coaching online is working really well for us and our clients! Voice coaching (some people refer to it as elocution lessons – but it’s much more than that) creates empowerment. Many of us can feel daunted in online meetings, as discussed in our last newsletter; trying to get your voice heard isn’t always easy, but help is at hand.

While we are waiting to resume face-to-face voice and accent coaching, here are some more hints and tips to help you to speak more effectively in your online meetings.

In the first instance, while it might seem obvious, it is important to know what the meeting is about and your role in the project under discussion. Make sure you have all your facts and figures to hand before the meeting starts and be punctual. There is no hiding place when you are on a Zoom call and you could be asked a direct question at any time in front of the rest of the team, so be prepared.

The next thing to be aware of, is your voice. Your voice can only work if you enable it and a strong and clear voice communicates confidence. One of the key things to remember when you are speaking to your meeting is BREATHE before you speak! I know we have mentioned this before, but breath is your power – breath allows your voice to work properly and having enough breath is vital to effective speaking. Remember: breathe, then speak your thoughts. When you have a new thing to say, when a new idea pops into your head, breathe in again before you speak this next thought or idea. Taking a breath will have the effect of punctuating your speech as well as giving your listeners the chance to process what you have just said.

Common speech problems in meetings include: speaking too quickly, speaking too quietly, speaking without articulating properly and finally speaking with absolutely no idea about what you actually want to say!

This last point about ‘speaking without a clear idea of what you want to say’, usually occurs because of nerves caused by lack of confidence or low self-esteem. A lack of confidence can result in your initial idea fading away and panic setting in, which means your brain is clutching at straws to keep the listeners’ attention. Basically, you begin to babble.

To remedy a speech problem such as talking too fast or losing track of what you are saying, remember to breathe. Take your time and relax, allow your breath to flow back into your lungs and feed your brain with oxygen (creating ideas) and then power your vocal folds to enable you to speak. Speaking more slowly helps you speak more clearly and that is good for you and your listeners. Take a sip of water, too. Being well-prepared for the meeting will help your confidence and with confidence comes a more confident and controlled voice.

We are loving it here in Bath. Thank you for your enquiries and to all the wonderful people who have been in touch, taken voice coaching courses and benefitted so eloquently from an enriched vocal toolbox.

Please do get in touch if you would like help with extending your ‘vocal toolkit’ and developing confidence to speak clearly and with impact.