Becoming a DJ!

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This month I thought it would be nice to share the journey I made through Lockdown from having an interest in broadcasting, to being a presenter of my own show on local radio.

Have you ever had an unfulfilled wish to do something? Well, the lockdown era certainly propelled my penchant for performance and love of nature and I found myself begin a new, additional, career direction.

With a background in performance, communication and speaking I missed the contact with people enormously when we were forbidden to mix with others, some two years ago. So, what did I do? I began contacting interesting people and asked how they were coping and recorded these conversations for our local radio station.

To begin with, these conversations were via Skype or Zoom and were concerned with how we were coping, how our food was being delivered and, increasingly, how important our daily walks and the role of nature in our lives had become.

Over the weeks and months, I became more proficient and experienced in becoming an interviewer to the point where I became a radio presenter on our local radio station. I pitched the idea of having a two-hour show entitled ‘The Great Outdoors Show’ – a mix of current and popular music punctuated with stories about nature and interviews with those people with an outdoor connection.

The interviews flooded in. I was soon able to meet up and chat 1-1 and discover how people relied on their animals, outdoor pursuits and home-grown food. Over the course of a few months I interviewed a micro-light flying instructor, livestock farmers, horticultural experts, walkers, open water swimmers, stand-up-paddle boarders, charity horticultural farms, outdoor concert violinists, insect illustrators and world renowned naturalists and botanists. I have joined in tree planting, rewilding initiatives, pond making and foraging.

It has been a revelation to meet and get to know so many local people and to be able to air their voices. New stories have been shared and these in turn have inspired other people.

I approached another local radio station early last year and joined SomerValleyFM, where I have a regular show every Monday, still following the same format of interviews, music and information about UK flora and fauna.

Using my voice as an interviewer, presenter and raconteur has been such a rewarding journey and has helped not only me to continue my voice journey, but enabled other people to have their voices heard, too.

Combining radio presenting with being a voice coach also keeps me grounded and reminds me of the importance of all the things I teach. Pitch, pause and pace are so important, as well as the connection with the listener. Radio is a very intimate communications channel and a very special connection can be created between the broadcaster and listener.

Most of my clients are professional voice users, from voice-over artists, to barristers, to company directors and academics, who speak English as a first or second language. Using my professional training as a voice coach and communications expert is now also strengthened by being a radio presenter. I can help others to use their voice in more imaginative, honest and inspired ways to connect with their audiences.

Using your voice imaginatively can be very liberating and when combining that with great clarity, pace and tone you can elevate your vocal skills to a whole new level!

For more information, help and a free consultation about how to improve your voice and speech, please get in touch.

Listen to this week’s The Great Outdoors Brunch Show.