Case studies

The Management Executive

A management executive who worked in London and Bristol contacted Voice Synergy asking for help to make his voice more authoritative and clear. He confessed that he was not listened to properly by his staff in a noisy, engineering environment.

Following an initial chat, we identified several aspects of his voice that would benefit from training, including strengthening sounds used for consonants and vowels. This would help with clarity and build his confidence.

We worked on intonation, confidence building and breath over a period of three months. We identified better postures for sitting at a board room table, at a computer and for standing to make presentations. His speech was indistinct making him sound as though he was ‘mumbling’ and he learned rigorous exercises to effectively strengthen his speech muscles and make his speech clearer.

We used classic text including Shakespeare to assist with the training and used work material for role play scenarios.

Following the training, the client reported back that he had a much higher level of confidence. His self esteem was raised,  he had made a very successful account-winning presentation and – an unexpected bonus – his staff commented that that he had more time for them now. The client was delighted with the outcomes and was pleased that working relationships with his staff had improved so significantly.

The Senior Academic

A very senior academic from Bath approached Voice Synergy to ask for help with making her voice more assertive. She worked with mainly male colleagues in a competitive environment and had become aware that her voice was either not listened to, or not being taken seriously enough. In addition, some criticised her north country accent.

Over a period of six weeks, we worked on the tune and pitch of her voice. Together, we identified creative ways of highlighting words and phrases which created a more assertive and confident delivery.

We also helped to reshape certain key sounds to help with clarity and emphasis.

Breath and posture were also ‘deconstructed’ then rebuilt to assist with building new positive habitual behaviour.

After voice coaching, this client embarked on an international lecture tour. She reported that her lectures were extremely well received, her self esteem had soared.  She had gained respect from her peers and enjoyed a new positive attitude in the workplace.