Voice Coaching for Executives

How to use your voice confidently and create powerful presentations

Do you want to improve your presentation skills? Do you want to speak more clearly, speak confidently and really influence your audience? Is your presentation ‘performance-ready’?

We can help you with creating and delivering a powerful structure for your presentation.

We provide training to help you with structuring and performing your presentation, whether you are speaking to a big or small audience. We give you tips on good posture, how to look confident, how to sound confident and how to deliver a winning presentation. Your voice and body language together can be very powerful tools to win new business.

We can help you to organise your thoughts, get rid of hesitation “ums” and “errs”, to speak clearly and create structure and impact with your presentation. If you are worried or anxious about speaking in public, you will learn techniques to help you calm your fears of public speaking. You will also optimise key presentation skills like the power of pause – to highlight words and phrases and to create emphasis. You will also learn how to find the best tone of voice.

Voice Synergy provides individual voice coaching and speech training for senior professionals and executives in Bristol. We help you to convey the passion in your ideas to motivate your team, to empathise with individuals and to inspire confidence with your clients.

  • Develop a powerful, influential voice
  • Create a logical structure to your presentation
  • Make your presentation compelling – give a good talk
  • Deliver clearer, more persuasive presentations
  • Gain confidence and enjoy speaking and presenting!

Voice Synergy will help you to organise your presentation into a logical flow. We can film you and help you to build on your strengths and weaknesses. We work with you to help create succinct and purposeful powerpoint presentations that support your strong speech.

You can rehearse your presentation and receive constructive feedback, discuss the structure and benefit from experienced practical feedback and support.

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Professional voice coaching for confidence and success at work

To succeed in winning over your staff and clients, you need to be able to organise your thoughts, articulate your arguments and persuade people in a coherent and engaging way. Subject knowledge is just half the battle in building your career.

Find out how to use your voice really effectively and speak clearly and confidently in front of an audience. Your audience might be your boss, your client or your staff and you will want to find the right tone of voice they so they have confidence in you.

Whether you need to lead a team and influence others in the boardroom or courtroom, at the podium or on centre stage, we will train you on vocal techniques that will build your confidence and empower you to speak with sincerity, empathy and impact. You will learn how to speak and give speeches that will influence and win the respect of your peers and clients. For a free consultation, get in touch